Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium, Inc. has been organized to build, operate, and maintain a multi-use track and field stadium in downtown Syracuse, New York.     Though intended for use by the general public, the building is provided with a high tech 200 meter track with curves which may be raised and lowered automatically, offering both national and international use of the arena, as well as community and regional use.   An elevated track and soccer and lacrosse fields and volleyball courts are included in the design.    Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium, Inc. is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization.


Minutes Thursday, February 7, 2013,
AGENDA Thursday, February 7, 2013, 4:30 pm
Oncenter Conference Room 800
South State Street, Syracuse
Annual Report
September 13 minutes


(read aloud as presented on agenda)

Thursday, September 13, 2012, 4:30 pm

Oncenter Conference Room

800 South State Street, Syracuse


Flag Salute

Attendance L. Tucker, T. Toennies stopped by

Minutes/Summary June 7, 2012, approved

Treasury Report

Updates --background check, June 26 by Catholic Church for track and field program/Blessed Sacrament, July 30 - August 3

--85 children participated in Salt City Games Track Meet/Felder provided Mile trophies, singlets for milers/also headbands for all participants/did “scorched earth” promotion

--Isaiah 45 proposal: waiting news following second telephone conference call and on-site conference in New Jersey

--Felder-Nottingham Track Meets, 06-11, 25, 07-9, 23

New Business

--mini-throws clinic following 2 sessions of soccer camp, Nottingham field

-- 4 track meets at Nottingham HS, permit approved, September 12, 2012, Tuesdays 06-11, 25 and 07-09, 23 next summer, 2013, Friendly’s Restaurant, a sponsorship, portion of ice cream sales to go to host school t & f & cc team.

--news of Mr. Lowengard, Shomari Felder, Mike Melfi, AXA, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Patrina Thomas, Kevin Wozniak (RIT), Nick Patterson (Nottingham Coach)

--second attempt to photograph at Doggy Lights Walk in November, date TBA, Steve French, Chris Notarthomas, Bridget Pellichet, a fundraising effort

--Spoke with Enable Director, Mr. Grajko, also with L. Kochian of ARC, possible partnerships, 2013


--photograph, RM milestone--letter in P-S, lauding Debbie Sydow --letters from fellow Centerstate members/other correspondence--copy of ad for Salt City Games Track Meet (4 weeks in Pennysaver)--Pat Leone’s estimates--second mention of Felder Stadium in a newspaper, The Ithaca Journal--Virtus material, Catholic Church background check—The Catholic Sun--Buerkle letter--Oneida Nation letter--Open Society--Enable--photo Onondaga Nation participants/Salt City Games TM


10-21--Empire State Marathon and Half

11-15, 16, 19, 20--Onondaga Lake Park Lights Walks (Doggy Walk, TBA)

11-23--Onondaga Nation Trail Races

01-05-2013--Onondaga Lake Park Lights Run, 11:00 pm

05-05--Mountain Goat Races, 9:15 Youth One-Half mile

06-11, 25, 07-09-23--Felder-Nottingham All-Comer track meets, FREE

Meeting Adjourned 4:56 pm

Thursday, June 7, 2012, 4:30 pm

Oncenter Conference Room

800 South State Street, Syracuse

Flag Salute

Attendance Lennie Tucker

Special Thank You to FIRST STUDENT BUS, to MOUNTAIN GOAT FOUNDATION, and to SAY YES, partners, for help with Felder/City Colleges project, The Youth Run--55 students, Seymour and McKinley-Brighton, City Colleges Champions

Minutes/Summary, April 12, on table/approved in absence of dissent

Treasury Report goals: $15,000 for ground study and $12,000 for cost-revenue study (requested by County Executive) - We have $4,000.


--Agenda read as presented in the days before the meeting.

--Add :

Beginning June 7, Felder is a partner in Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity, a merger of the Metropolitan Development Association and the City Chamber of Commerce, with support-associates in a 12-county area. This morning’s paper (June 8) lists Mohawk Valley as new region of the group.

--Add :

New b/w business cards and subsequent ad for the Salt City Games Track Meet via Scotsman Press and their associate who participates in Walk/Run program at Rescue Mission.

--Add :

Employees of Oncenter will remain throughout the change in management. We will get to keep Terri Toennies and Tom Eicholzer!

Meeting Adjourned, 4:45.

Next Meeting. Thursday, September 13, 2012






Supporters of
Felder Stadium

The Official Felder Club Youth Track and Field Restaurant unofficially

Salvation Army
Onondaga Nation
Sharkey's Eclectic Sports Bars
Wise Guys Comedy Club and Bistro
Syracuse Parks and Recreation
Andrey's Beauty and Barber
Dirt Hats by John
Tony's Family Restaurant
UNO Chicago Grill
Bank of America/Bayberry
Dick's Sporting Goods
Broadway Cafe/Arctic Island
McLaughlin Watercolors
b2b printing
Guitar Center
Papa Gallo Mexican Restaurant
North Salina Car Wash
Rescue Mission
We Got It Sewn
Rockett Cakestries
CNY Triathlon Club
Franklin Square Orthodontics
Andy's Produce
Fleet Feet Sports
Gianelli Sausage
Papa Sports
Sam's Club
Ward Sales